Short Stories : Hyung,Our Love Still Goes On


l_bf2646e6115b40bc8297735a3715bb7f“Taemin !” shouted Justin.

“Yoo My bro !” shouted Taemin .

“Hey what are you doing ? why walk so fast ?”ask Justin.

“Im running away “ said Taemin.

“Running away ? From who ? Your secret admire ?” ask Justin.

“Anii ! Its just that..”

“What What ?”

“There’s a bunch of guys keep following and keep looking at me.Im afraid”

“LOL~ Maybe they want to be friends with you.Come , show me . lets meet them”

“No No No, I don’t want to.I’ll will if we go with Minho hyung .”
”Aishh,there’s no need to wait for Minho . He is nothing” Justin keep pushing Taemin to go to that bunch of guys that keep following and look at Taemin.

“He is something to me.Minho hyung is the best.He is the best hyung I ever had.” said Taemin then he run as fast as he can.He arrived at a park where he always hangout with Minho.Its almost night.Its 6.45 PM.Taemin call his hyung.


“Nareoul mukko gadoon damyeon sarangdo mukkin chae,miraedo mukkin chae keojil gadeol su epneunde~” Minho’s cellphone ringing.

“Taemin,Where are you ?” ask Minho as soon as he pick up his phone.

“Hyung,Im at a park now. I’m fine. Don’t worry. I’ll be home as soon as possible” said Taemin.

“Its good that you are fine.Please be home hurry.I don’t want anything bad happen to you.”

“Ne hyung….”

“You seems to have problems ? Tell me where you are now.I’ll pick you up”

“Ani , its small matter.Oh im at the park where we always go.Gwenchana,You are on date with Arqyla right?Send her a regards from me”

“Its okay.Arqyla needs to go home too.the park,after a few KM its her house already.So I can pick you up instead.”

“Gwenchana,I don’t want to disturb you guys”

“Yaaa , you are not disturbing.I already ask Arqyla and she fine with it.”

“Gwenchana , just goo…. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP” suddenly Taemin gone like that.His cellphone goes “BEEP BEEP” sound.Minho worries about his dongsaeng.
”Taemin! Taemin ! Yaa Taeminn !” shout Minho at his cellphone.

“Minho , wae ?” ask Arqyla.

“Molla,suddenly Taemin hang up.Im worry about him now.” Said Minho.
”Minho,just go now okay.Go , I’ll ask Changmin Oppa to pick me up since he’s home now”


“Minho Go now . Go GO !”

“Neee , Arqyla Saranghaeyo~”

“Yee Nado .” said Arqyla . Minho go to the park as fast as he could and Arqyla call his brother to pick her up.Minho arrived there then he shouted Taemin’s name suddenly he found Taemin’s cellphone and a letter .


Minho , If You want your Taemin,

Go to the basketball court at Taemin’s university.


“Who did this ?” said Minho then throw the letter away.He go to Taemin’s uni as fast as he could.He arrives there then he run to the basketball court.

“TAEMIN ! TAEMIN !” shout Minho.

“Oh you did care about him ?” said someone.

“Ommo~J..J.Justin… WHERE IS TAEMIN ? You did this ?” said Minho

“He save.He’s with they guys that keep following and looking at him”explain Justin.
”Mwo ?” ask Minho.

“Ohh Taemin didn’t tell you ?Poor You.You know , its been a long time the guys keep following and keep looking at him.They are looking for the right time to kidnap him”explain Justin.Minho remember something .


“Hyung,at uni, there’s a bunch of guys keep following me.Im afraid” said Taemin.
”Aishh,they are nothing.Trust me , maybe they want to be friends with You.Hee Hyung got to go.Annyeong~” said Minho.



“He told me once.Where is him ! Marebwa !”

“Cool Cool , give me what I want first !” said Justin.
”What do you want ?” ask Minho.
”Youu Minho! I Like you ! Be mine !” said Justin nicely.
”Mwo ?! Yaaa You are…… GAY?Oh My God .No! Im not a gay”

“Im not gay ! GUYS ! Bring that little brat here”said Justin.
”HYUNGG !” shout Taemin. “TAEMIN!”
”Hold on , you want him save ? ALIVE ? Be mine”

“Yaaa~ You think if you do this,I’ll be yours ? No,I’ll save Taemin with my hand”

“Ughh !GUYS , crash him”

“HYUNG !” shout Taemin. Minho fight with 5 guys who is so strong and muscular.For Taemin , he fight them no matter what.Luckily,he did it.All the guys are so afraid of Minho.They run away .
”Yaa ! Yaaaaa~” shout Justin.

“You are alone”said Taemin.
”This will never end ! Minho , You’ll be mine !” said Justin then he run away out of Uni . Unluckily,a car hit him.Justin is seriously injured.The 5 Guys see the accident.They help Justin . While Taemin is helping his hyung who is hurt.

“Hyung ! Gwenchana ? Don’t leave me hyung !” said Taemin while Minho’s head lean on his arms.

“Yeee , Im fine.Are you okay ? Did he hurt you ?” ask Minho.
”Im fine.No he didn’t.Lets go to the hospital now.”
”Taemin,Mianhae, I was playing around when you told me about those guys”

“Hyung , its okay.Forget it.Im save now.Hyung don’t leave me”
”I’ll never leave you.Im fine.Just hurt a little.There’s no need to go to the hospital.Lets just go home and you’ll be the doctor”

“Heh , Yeee , as you wish Hyung !Hajaa~ Let me carry you.But can you drive the car ? ”

“Oh You can? Ofcourse I can , but it will like a long journey”
”Im not that weak okay . Ahaa I understand.Hyung….”
”Waeyo Taeminnie ?”

“Im grateful that our love still goes on as the closest brother ever .”
”Taemin,Your words,Its really meaningful to me.Our love will forever goes on.”said Minho.

“Gomawo Minho Hyung…” said Taemin.



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